Neo Tantra Full Body Orgasm Session

Neo Tantra Session includes directing spiritual energy with Kundalini breathing and stretching, pressure movements on various body points by hand and exchanging energy through guided intimacy movements. The session incorporates powerful techniques that open blocks within your Chakras. This practice gears towards controlling spiritual sexual energy in order to feel the difference from building and holding the force inward and letting it spring throughout your whole body in the form of a full body orgasm. The whole experience gives you a rush of bliss, an inner body and outer body high. On a spiritual level, your consciousness moves towards expansion and your heart center opens towards healing.



25 Years


The body is like an instrument and it's ecstasy is sound vibration. If you tune your body more like an instrument, you’ll vibrate better.


Single Session -

Men: $440

Women: $390

This is the classic in-person 3 hour session for individuals. All new students begin with booking this one on one session, hosted in a private and safe massage studio. Outcalls are available for females only at an additional fee of $30. See below for session details.

Couples Session - $560

This is a 4 hour in person session for couples. Couples may initially take the single session individually or start with this couples session to cultivate sexual and spiritual energy together. You are welcome to request to host the couples session in the comfort and space of your home or hotel at an additional fee of $40.

3 Session Single Package - $1,050

This is a package for 3 single sessions. Each session is different and builds on the teachings of the prior session. Save $90 per session with this package!

3 Session Couples Package - $1,500

This is a package for 3 couples sessions. Each session is different and builds on the teachings of the prior session. Save $60 per session with this package!

Short Session -

Men $360

Women $310

This is 2 hour session for busy individuals who want to learn techniques to resolve problems. Please note if you are interested in raising Kundalini and Tantric orgasm, strongly recommended to take 3 hour session.

Video Consultation

Personalized Yoga - $120

This one hour session can help to see where the problem is coming from and make foundation to develop. You can choose tools by Yoga, meditation or psychological practice. Also a long distance healing is available.

Session Details

* Each session starts and ends with 10-15 mins of consulting for Michiko to get a better understanding of your needs and desires as well as summarize and calibrate your experience
* This is followed by an hour of Kundalini breathing & yoga exercises, body stretches, eye gazing, sounding, meditation and visualization geared towards opening any mental and physical blocks in order to awaken the sexual libido and strengthen core Chakras
* The second hour, Michiko performs a spiritual healing back & body massage with Tantric chants and sounding geared for you to melt away and further heal the outer body and inner spirit
* During the last 30 minutes of the session, after your body is now primed to raise Kundalini, Michiko guides sexual energy throughout your body with her hands and other intimacy poses towards a full body internal Neo Tantra orgasm experience


* Breathing & stretching technique for rejuvenation & healing
* Understand where you have physical and mental blocks
* Learn how to control ejaculation
* Pain, headache and stress relief
* Increase blood circulation and detoxification of body
* Deeper and more restful sleep
* Learn how to tune your body for a fuller & stronger orgasm
* Increase sexual drive and intimacy
* Manage Performance Anxiety
* Heal Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation
* Learn how to have Tantric Energy Orgasms/Multiple Orgasms


All services are customized to meet your needs and goals. Michiko tunes into your mind, body and spirit to find what your needs are and where you are facing blocks. For booking multiple session packages, each session is different and builds on the teachings and practices of previous sessions. Neo Tantra Sessions are designed to be dynamic and flexible. The overview is just a general guideline and often times the session is customized for each student. Contact today to book a session or learn more.