Online Lessons

Free Online Yoga classes
for the 1st Month!

Missing your weekly Yoga class or Gym?
Join Tantra House to access Free Weekly Yoga videos for a month!
I choose a suitable theme for each week's Yoga, like "Boosting Immune System", "Female, Male Potency"! Let's keep it up in this Chaotic time!

You’ll receive the access to Tantra House Private Facebook page for Weekly Yoga and Biweekly Live Talk / Q & A chat!

Free Subscription for the first month, then $47/month after.

20% Discount for Private Online Lesson!

When I teach the Private Video Lesson, often I hear “I felt energy!”, “You read my mind!”. Many long distance healers say we receive more psychic information when it’s done in remote. Even for students who are accustomed to take physical lessons, take advantage of this discount period(till April 15th) and experience!

Regular Fee of $120/hr is now $98/hr!!


***Also, Out Call for both Singles and Couples Lessons are available for this period (unless the quarantine occurs) with a privatized transportation on my side and Out Call Fee of $40 will be waived!!