About Michiko


Why Experience Neo Tantra with Michiko?

Michiko’s sessions are incredibly dynamic and are designed to increase the fire Kundalini energy within to bring back the passion and energy of life. Our daily lives can complicate the flow of energy often affecting your vitality and relationships. Michiko will guide you with body movements, meditation, visualization, massage and breath work to allow the body to flow naturally. The Kundalini energy that rises from the Neo Tantra sessions helps to nourish the chakras of the body.  Michiko has designed the sessions to fit beginners as well as those who have practiced Tantra before. Each session is different and often times Michiko tunes into the student’s body and mind to adjust the session to fit their needs. Often the main theme of the sessions are the spiritually & healing through meditation, kundalini and massage. Ready to book a session with Michiko? Click here to request a session today!

About Michiko Takatani

Michiko is a Japanese native born in Hiroshima and raised in Kobe. As a teen she traveled to Boston for musical school to learn composition and Hatha yoga. Curious about the human body, she left to New York City shortly after to study Tantra and work at a Geisha Bar. After twelve years of studying Tantric and Hatha practices, Michiko felt that she needed to take a deeper dive into discovering the essence of the art and moved to a silent retreat to study non-duality and more Tantra under Osho’s lineage. After three years as a free spirit exploring unconventional paths of spirituality, she returned to New York in 2004 to train as a certified teacher under Kundalini Yoga East. She has further studied Neo Tantra with Margot Anand. Michiko integrated free spirit with the pure alignment and grounding in Kundalini yoga and began teaching Neo Tantra professionally. It’s the combination of Kundalini Yoga and Neo Tantra that has inspired this unique practice in learning how to deeply connect with a partner and energetically heal through massage. For the past 16 years, she has traveled across the world as a spiritual healer, teaching Neo Tantra in Japan, Paris, Miami, and Sedona.

Outside Neo Tantra, Michiko has explored her kinky side by working as a dominatrix and exotic dancer. In her spare time she leads Kundalini Yoga classes in Brooklyn, plays the piano, produces music and has performed at Jazz Blue Note in New York City and music festivals in Paris.